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About Hunar Academy

Hunar Academy offers academic and professionally oriented courses designed to complement a variety of study programs as well as enrich students’ knowledge, education and skills. Students can choose from different courses in prescribed subject areas. Small class size and close interaction with the faculty enhance student’s performance and acclimation.


Hunar Academy is committed to deliver a high quality learning experience through which students advance along their formal educational paths, develop their creativity, realize their own potential and empower themselves to impact the world around them. Experimental learning is Hunar Academy’s main tool to foster students’ future professional development.

Hunar Academy Core Value


Hunar Academy upholds both traditional and innovative educational approaches and is dedicated to the empowerment of students as active participants in the learning process.

Innovation –

Hunar Academy prizes interdisciplinary projects and engagement with the professional sector as a way to ensure that its students achieve the work related skills necessary to meet the challenges of their respective fields.


Hunar Academy embraces diversity in its dynamic environment composed of faculty, staff and students.


Hunar academy provides equal and open access to educational opportunities and promotes personal development and growth.



Hunar Academy believes in community engagement and creates opportunities for meaningful interaction between students and the community in which they live and study.


ISO Certified 9001:2015 Company

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